Macintosh Services

Macintosh Experts, Macintosh Software Installation, Macintosh Troubleshooting, Macintosh Training

At Spliceguys, we love Macs. In fact, we’re pretty much experts at everything Apple or Macintosh.

We can help you with the selection and purchase of a Mac and or peripherals. We offer Setup and Data Transfer services for Mac to Mac or PC to Mac. Please see our Mac Services page for more info.

New to the Mac?

If you’re new to the Mac, we can help you find your way around, showing you many of the features and benefits of your Mac.

We’ll show you tips and shortcuts to getting things done faster with a Mac.

We can offer:

  • Help with setting up your Mac
  • Data transfer from PC or Mac to new Mac
  • Help with learning programs from the simple to many high end professional programs
  • Hardware Installation – Memory, Hard Drives, Video Cards, etc
  • Troubleshooting
  • Purchase Decisions

Macintosh Computers are not affected by the viruses and spyware that PCs running Windoze (sic) are plagued with.

At the end of the day, if you’re stuck working on a PC at your job, a Mac at home can be a refreshing getaway. It’s nice to not have to fight your computer just to get something done.

We’ve been running macs since 1992 and have never had a virus and have never had to delete a spybot.

Did you know that a brand new installation of Windoze XP that has not even been on the internet will show over 30 pre-installed spywares when AdAware SE is run?

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