AWR Racing Gets New Store
New AWR Store using BigCommerce

AWR Racing, one of Spliceguys’ oldest customer, recently had their store updated. AWR had been using a customized version of OSCommerce that hadn’t been updated in years. While the store was still working, it was definitely showing it’s age. Only one image per product was allowed. There was no way to send product feeds directly to Google. There was no way for customers to comment about products. Videos could not be easily embedded. The Search function was old and creaky.

All this is fixed with AWR’s new implementation of a BigCommerce store. Sales have skyrocketed with the new store. AWR’s customers have started to provide comments about the products, which will help future customers to decide on whether they should buy.

AWR also took this opportunity to get the design for their site, store and news blog all in sync. Stop by the new AWR Store and take a peek.