Small – Locally Owned

Spliceguys is a small, locally owned website design business in Fort Lauderdale, FL, specializing in affordable web design, online stores, search engine optimization, online google advertising and email campaigns.

While we can also maintain them if you prefer, our websites are designed for the owner to be able to self manage them after they are created. There is a charge for time if you want us to update your site, but the important thing to remember is:

There are no monthly subscription or maintenance fees.


Here is what you can expect from Spliceguys. You would typically pay for your domain name which is a yearly fee from the registrar, you would pay your monthly hosting fee, and Spliceguys charges for our time creating your site. The domain name charge and the hosting fees are the normal costs of having a website. Those charges are not paid to us.

You can have your website hosted anywhere you like. We do have our own suggestion if you don’t have a preference.

At Spliceguys, we can do all the steps for you, register your domain name, obtain hosting, configure the domain name, hosting, and design a beautiful, easy to manage site.

Your website is built with search engine optimization built in. This does not perform miracles, but it helps you get found. If you have a unique business, it’s more likely for you to rise to the top faster. But, if you have a common business, let’s say you do massage in Fort Lauderdale, your chances of being found on the front page of google are much harder without paid advertising.

You would still want to spread the word. Make your domain name easy to remember, easy to spell and put it everywhere.

Our Background started business in 1999, editing video for an online sitcom, called Laguna Cafe.

We did a little of everything providing help writing scripts, filming, sound work, props, and all editing of the audio and video.

Since then has expanded to creating the whole website, including the filming video, editing video, domain registrations and transfers, e-mail marketing and more.


What we would need from you:

Phone books are no longer used. Don’t waste money advertising in phone books and throw away papers.

  • You need something to say. It’s your website. Tell us (and the world) about your company. What makes you unique.
  • Photos. A picture is worth a thousand words. High quality images that tell the story.
  • Customer contact info.

That’s it.

Understanding Your Needs

Spliceguys started small. We understand the needs of individuals and small businesses.

We can help you whether you just want a simple home page showcasing your family photos or a full blown, high impact multimedia site.

Spliceguys gives you individual attention so that you’re happy with our results.